Personal Counselling

As the institution takes up a role of second parenting of the teenagers, it is mandatory to offer support system to the needy students. Personal or one to one counseling is a dire need of the hour as many times young minds need to be ignited and make them sense their strengths when their weakness bewilders them. As the counselling requires expertise and training, the Former Principal Dr.S.Niraimathi,M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D M.Sc.(Pschychology), being a post graduate in Pschychology, initiated and conducted workshops to train all the staff members. The psychological training culminated in the beginning of mentor-mentee system from 2017 onwards. This turned out fruitful for student community to deal with their emotional, academic and miscellaneous issues as they meet their mentor fortnightly to share their doubts and feelings.

The Personal counselling is done in various dimensions to make the students pour out their issues of any sort to the faculty adviser, mentor and also to the Principal who would confide and guide them towards a proper solution. The issues range from language coping, subject coping, health issues, financial issues and adolescent issues. Many a times the students need to be taken into confidence and they are made to open up serious psychological issues are detected and immediately referred psychiatric for consultation.

Counseling at the classroom for grooming

In today’s scenario when family systems are on change and both parents are working with no quality time for their children, a need for personal counselling sessions is very crucial for helping out the wards to take clear decisions and become quality citizens. Faculty adviser effectively studies the mental and personality traits of their students during one hour that is set apart for the purpose of counselling during the first , I day order of every month.