Soft Skill Development

Education of a student is wholesome when her personality is proficient with people skills, social skills, communication skills, positive attitudes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence. The institution undertakes unswerving efforts to prune the students to their professional excellence.


  • To help gain confidence and good communication skill
  • To be able to face audience/ experts with ease and express oneself with clarity
  • To change unwanted behavioural patterns
  • To bring stability in thought and action
  • To learn behavioural etiquette
  • To get trained as a professional


  • Soft skills — inclusive of people skills, social skills, communication skills and overall personality — are toned among students by regular workshops by IQAC. The workshops for UG students focus on communication skills while PG students are exposed exclusively to soft skills.
  • The Department of English offers skill based and non-major skill based courses on Soft skills enhancing the professional traits of the students.
  • The Placement cell deliberates to offer many interactive sessions on personality development, communication skills, group discussion, interview skills etc.