Grievance appeal and Welfare Committee

Staff Advisors:
Dr.(Tmt.) S. Revathi, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr.(Tmt.) N. Prabhavathi, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Dr.(Selvi.) A. Selva Lakshmi, M.A., M.Phil., P.G. Dip in J & MC., B.Ed., Ph.D.,

Grievance Redressal Policy

Grievance Redressal Committee of the college functions to redress the grievances of the students.


  • To preserve the harmonious ambience of the college by responding to the reasonable grievances of its stakeholders.
  • To ensure security of students through protection against ragging-harassment.
  • To encourage the students to express their grievances freely and frankly without being victimized.
  • To guide the students by mentoring them, as and when needed.

Grievance Redressal mechanism

The students have access to the committee directly or through their class teachers or representatives and can express their grievances regarding academic matters, personal issues, facilities and amenities in the college and any hindrances and inconveniences they encounter. They can even lodge their complaints or grievances through letters dropped in the drop box placed in front of the Principal’s office or they can e-mail their grievances or post their grievances in the college website which will be forwarded to the concerned authorities. The committee peruses the problems and sorts out the issues within a stipulated period.

Grievances include the following complaints of the aggrieved students as mandated by UGC:

  1. The admission not in accordance with the declared admission policy of the college;
  2. Non-disbursal of received scholarships on time.
  3. Withhold or refuse to return any document in the form of certificates of degree or any other award or other document deposited with it by a student
  4. Delay in conduct of examinations or declaration of results beyond the date specified in the academic calendar.
  5. Complaints, of alleged discrimination of students, from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Minority or Disabled categories.
  6. Problems relating to amenities, health care and personal issues.
  7. Harassment, ragging and victimisation of students, including sexual harassments.

Grievances and redressal committee comprises the following members:

S.No. Member Position
1 Dr.R.Uma Rani (Principal) Chairperson
2 Dr. S. Revathi(Senior Faculty) Member
3 Dr. N. Prabavathi (Senior Faculty) Member
4 Dr. A. Selva Lakshmi (Union Vice president) Member

Student Grievances Form