Co- Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Thamizh Association

          In order to develop the skills of language namely listening, speaking, reading and writing various Association Activities are held every year.Our students take part in the Literary competition that are held outside and bag many prizes.

English Literary and debating Association

             English is the international language of science, business and education. It is the most common tool of communication all over the world.Effective communication in English opens the gates of success and enhances career prospects. Considering these aspects, the Department of English has established English Literary and Debating Association. Honing communication skills, updation of knowledge, personality development and career enhancement are the objectives of the association. It triggers intellectual, creative and analytical skills of the students by conducting various oratorical, essay and poem writing competitions. The winners are appreciated with prizes and certificates. Experts are invited and guest lectures are arranged periodically to familiarize the students with the global trends in English language and literature. The competitions and guest lectures make the students confident, competitive and enlightened. The association renders space and scope for the students who aspire to excel in English language and literature.

Economics Association and planning Forum
      Guest Lecture

                   Every year Guest Lectures were organised on the current thrust topics like Application of Economic Tools in Research.

      Special Lectures

                 Special lectures were organised every year to enhance the skills of the students on the topics like Skill shortages and Unemployment: A Paradox, Placement for Economics       Graduates, What after Economics?

      Oratorical competition

              Role of Information Technology in Indian Economy, Goods and Services Tax: Benefit to the State – Yes or No, Need for Educational reforms in India, Increased Natural        Disasters in India – Coincidence or Inevitability, Global Economic Crisis and Challenges before India, Education Reforms – significance of Rights to Education

      Essay Writing

               To enhance the writing skills of the students every year Essay Writing Competition has been conducted. The topics were Global Warming Challenges for India, Ethical     Values in Business and Industry, Has Economic Liberalisation Failed in India, Industrial Disasters – Lessons from the Bhopal Tragedy, Capitalising India’s Demographic            Advantage, The Role of Civil society in the Development of India, Merits and demerits of FDI in Retail Trade, Women and Environment, Economics of Solid Waste Management

Know Your Economy

             Collaboration with Scientific Research Association for Economics and Finance every year ‘Know Your Economy Test – Awareness Kindling Test’ is being conducted.Malcom and Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust Students were sent to other colleges to participate in intercollegiate competitions.

History Association

            The History Association is actively functioning throughout the academic year. The activities of the association facilitate the students to know about the recent trends in the field of History.The activities like guest lectures, essay competition, quiz competition, tree plantation, Exhibitions and visit of historical sites are carried out frequently in order to enhance the students interest and knowledge towards their academic career. It also encourages the students to participate in various activities conducted by the department and aims for the positive attitude and healthy practice towards their academic career.

Commerce Association

              Commerce flourishes by circumstances, precarious, transitory contingent, almost as the winds and waves that bring it to our shores.As the saying goes, commerce stream is a transitory, ever changing stream and so the association works for the enrichment and flourishment of knowledge and career opportunities to the commerce students. It arranges Guest lectures, meetings and workshops to enrich the students with knowledge about their career opportunities and skill requirements for their profession. Special career guidance programmes were also arranged to enlighten the students about the significance and scope of professional courses and to pursue their career as Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Cost and Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.

Physics Association

          Physics association strives to bring the all-round development of the students through invited talk, webinar, physics quiz, science exhibition, essay writing, , oratorical competition and drawings related to science themes.

Home Science Association

           The main objective of this association is to encourage and enable the students to participate in extra and co-curricular activities by conducting various competitions like cookery, poster, pencil sketching, essay writing etc.,in commemorating the breast feeding week and nutrition week. Disseminating knowledge about current topics like breast feeding, immunisation, adolescent nutrition, anaemia and technical textiles by inviting eminent speakers. Various workshops like Arts and crafts, dry flower arrangement and food preservation were also conducted by expert and skilled teacher.

Chemical Science Association

                Science is inter-disciplinary and the association takes up the efforts of enabling the students to cross the border of disciplines and appreciate the whole some development in science.Hence the activities conducted throughout the year in the association are planned with the following perspectives:

  • Conduct Chem-Quiz / science quiz: To stimulate the students undertake challenge of competing in knowledge zone and response
  • Organise puzzle contest pertaining to science: To widen the knowledge and interest
  • Conduct intercollegiate Event-CHEM AMUSE with varieties of programme like Chem Connections, Chem-Act, Chem Quiz, mime show
  • To improve event management skills, leadership and peer learning among students
  • Conduct science exhibition: To enhance creative thinking and presentation
  • Conduct oratorical and essay contest pertaining to science: To enhance the public speaking and science writing skills.
  • Poster presentation in current science topics: To enhance presentation skills
  • Guest lectures by eminent Professors: To expand knowledge and keep the students abreast of developing technology

Eco Club

             Eco club of Zoology Department was started in the year 2017. Ever since its beginning the club functions with a motto “Go Green and Be Clean”. Every student of the Department is the member of the club, and the club is further divided into four houses namely Gregor Johann Mendal, Watson and Crick, Louis Pasteur and Charles Darwin. All the club activities are being carried out by the members of the houses. Wild life week is celebrated every year during the month of October with active participation by students of all departments. Interdepartmental and intradepartmental competitions are being conducted routinely. To enrich the knowledge of the student’s guest lectures and workshops were given by the eminent personalities of the field. Apart from this to bring out the skills of the students unique activities like Silk cocoon handicrafts (Sale cum Expo) was also conducted.

Botanical Consortium

               The establishment of Botanical Consortium by the Department of Botany aims to motivate the students to unveil the truths of the Botanical World.In accordance with this, Botanical Consortium conducts various Guest Lectures, Special invited talks, Webinars, Quiz, Exhibitions and Competitions to enhance the students skills and interest towards Botanical studies. The Consortium also plays a key role by inculcating the importance of conservation of renewable resources and reutilization of non-renewable resources through its activities for the welfare of the students' community.

Mathematics Association

         The Purpose of Mathematics Association is to develop student level of math skills and knowledge. This is accomplished by conducting various activities and competitions.Mathematics Association supports class room learning, enrich their skill with higher order thinking and prepare students for future math competitions. Mathematics Association has conducted lectures and Webinars to promote enthusiasm and interest in Mathematics among the students. Essay competitions are conducted by Mathematics Association to provide a platform for familiarising the recent developments in Mathematics. Mathematics Association has organised exhibitions on Mathematics to improve and bring out the hidden mathematical talents of the students.

Statistics Association

                 Statistics association aims to promote the importance of statistics and data to the undergraduate students by organizing seminars and guest lectures.This guest lectures helps the students to know proper application of statistics in various fields to enhance human welfare. In addition to that, various competitions like quiz, essay, oratorical and exhibition was also conducted to expand the students’ knowledge about statistical applications

Computer Science Association

                 Computer Science Association aims to enrich talent in the students by organizing guest lectures from eminent personalities, workshops and conducting various competitions like e-Rangoli, Invitation Preparation etc it also organizes intercollegiate symposium and exhibitions show case their skills.

Fine Arts Association

                     Students are motivated to enact the different roles of the characters in the epics which are performed on the stage, on the annual day every year.

Quiz Club

                  The Quiz Club acts as a platform for the students to experience the sheer joy of jogging one's grey cells and exercising one's curiosity. This club constantly encourages the students to be creative, spontaneous and think out of the box.

Kanini Tamizh Peravai

            The major objectives of Kanini Tamizh Peravai is to

  • Conduct Tamil computing sensitization programmes to students.
  • Popularize the open source software and content
  • Conduct ‘Kani Tamil’ Seminars and Competitions
  • Guide the students to develop Tamil e-content / Applets / software

Library Association

        Our college Library has a good collection of text books, reference books, competitive examination books and CDs collections. College Library plays a vital role in the development of user’s community by enhancing the cause of education and academic research.

  • Library Management Module
  • Library Circulation Module
  • Student Search and Inquiry Module

          Open access system is followed in our Library, in open access system The primary objective of a library is to provide the right Information at the right time in the right form to its users. Library Association ( Essay Writing and Best Library Award) helps to enrich the students to update the information in their subject as well in extracurricular activities.

Heritage Club

          The record of events becomes history after several years. Inscriptions are the primary historical records. In addition to the inscriptions, ancient objects and coins can be the source of history. As the world has been digitally commercialized, the collection of ancient products is becoming rare. In this context, the Council has been started with the aim of finding out the ancient coins and the history of our past generations.