Language and Communication Skills

Communication skills enhance a student’s profile and hence the institution plays a key role in creating a conversant atmosphere among students. The strategies employed are listed below:

Annual English workshop training

  • Every year, students of UG and PG programme are provided interactive workshop cum training sessions through IQAC.
  • The language teachers train the students towards lingual skills.
  • Competitions organized develop the students’ language skills.
  • Training in language labs instils clarity and error free learning.

Digital-Enabled Language Learning Centres

A dedicated space for language learning for students to access audio or audio-visual materials is available for both English and Tamil.


  • To enable students to speak languages (English and Tamil) with focus on stress and intonation.
  • To enable the students to overcome inhibition and communicate with confidence.
  • To impart phonetic skills which improve clarity in pronunciation.


  • Language labs for both English and Tamil facilitate enjoyable self-learning among students
  • English lab comprises PCs with in-built software assisting the students in LSRW (Listening, speaking, reading and writing) skills in English.
  • These labs offer one to one platform for learning error free language articulation.