Yoga and Meditation

“Yoga” the very word stems from Sanskrit word “Yug” meaning to Unite. The techniques devised to unite mind, body and spirit comprise Yoga. Poised mind is all powerful and is attainable through regular practice of Yoga and meditation. Therefore, the institution intends to habituate the young students with these healthy practices in the following ways:

  • “Yoga for youth empowerment” certificate course is mandatory for all the undergraduate students at their year of admission. The students are thereby nurtured with basic yoga and meditation techniques to bring balance in their life and body. This is a prerequisite for youngsters of today whose life style are bereft of physical activity.
  • Meditation which is an art of stilling the mind was included as a part of everyday morning assembly by our visionary founder and it is still practiced till date in the form of silent prayer. In silence one can dwell with oneself and this reduces the thoughts, precipitates our sorrows, purifies our mind and increases the awareness of mind. The ambience that is created out of the focused mind of every person in the prayer hall exalts our enthusiasm and charges us with the energy for the day’s schedule. This day to day mind cleansing helps all our students in their journey of life.
  • Celebration of International Yoga Day, (June 21st) to arouse awareness on the importance of Yoga is done by NCC and NSS units.