Awareness of Trends in Technology

Educational technology which is the ethical practice of facilitating learning, participating, creating resources by technological grounds has intensified the teacher student interactions with the outburst of activities. The technological learning environment created in our institution caters to the demanding need for techno conversant education acquisition. The students are routinely involved in different tasks that acclimatize them for the current trends in technology-enabled learning. The UG students can enhance their expertise in computer application through the Advance Diploma Course offered by the Department of Computer Science.

  • Collaborative learning:The students are very much adapted to learn interactively and are more connected among peers, teachers and the learning community around the world.
  • Social media learning:Students interestingly involve in using social media platforms for learning and sharing knowledge.
  • NPTEL/MOOC courses: Students score extra credits by passing NPTEL online courses and SWAYAM MOOC Courses.
  • Interactive classrooms:Many a time, students have interactive video sessions rather than routine lecture sessions. The technological advancements in different areas are exposed to the students through live Webinars sessions.
  • Google classroom:

  • Students and teaching faculty are conversant with Google classroom which keeps the teacher and students connected even outside the college.
  • It enables a very attractive way of periodic assignments and quiz.
  • It facilitates discussion and doubt clarification.
  • Helps in data management
  • Computer Based Testing:Many courses are evaluated through computer based examinations and this makes the students competent for global scenario.
  • Software in education:Many apps and software that enable easy learning are employed.