Value based courses

Value Based Education

          The unique contribution to the student community is the value education class for one hour a week. These classes aim at improving one's ‘Articulation and Idea Fixation' (AIF) to enhance their interaction skills. Thought provoking books like Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Indian National Education and Man Making Message of Vivekananda are given for discussion by the students to improve their articulation.


          Ramayana, the all popular epic in South and South East Asia teaches the importance of morality and justice. The prominent characters teach us the duties of relationships, the significance of making personal sacrifices and show a way to live a dharmic life free from sin. Ramayana classes are given to the studentswith the goal to imbibe righteousness and make them to adhere to the principles of human values and thus to establish peaceful and prosperous society.


          Mahabharatha,one of the National epic of Indiateaches a lot of life saving lessons through a set of values and ethics to humanity.The epic is still revered as an art of living. It helps to inculcate the values such as generosity, commitment, true friendship, unity, courage, discipline, patience and obedience. Mahabharatha classes to students is given in the perspective to inculcate moral courage tostand by right,eradicate greed and selfish desire, persevere despite all hurdles and abide by ethical behaviour.

The Indian National Education

          While character and culture are subjective , curriculum is the instrument to achieve both . Since Sri Sarada College for Women became an autonomous college, the curriculum has been framed with a view to have a happy blend of character and culture. Tamil , Sanskrit and Hindi are offered as first language. Medium of instruction is English. Eight faculties in Science , four in Arts and Language besides Commerce have given a wide network of choice in curriculum.

Man making message of Swami Vivekananda

          Man making message of Vivekananda by Swami Chidbhavanandais a book exclusive for the use of college students. The fundamentals pertaining to education are vividly brought out in this book. It serves as a tonic to the soul. The book opens the venue to the students to become self-conscious about the greatness of the country. It is given to students because the value of youth discipline is the only road paving the way for excellence.

Ramakrishna lives Vedanta

          Ramakrishna Lives Vedanta by Swami Chidbhavananda is a comprehensive study of the Vedantic principles put into practice by Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. A complete mastery of the book constitutes practical Vedanta innits entirety. To study, ponder over and under Him is verily Brahmavidya.