Student's Corner

Human Values & Professional Ethics

S.No. Title of the Course Issue relevant to Description
1 Life Skill Promotion HV & PE Counselling was given to the students for their personal and academic grievances
2 Physical Fitness HV & PE Improves physical and mental strength of the students
3 FOSS – Libre Office HV & PE Helps the student to acquire more knowledge on computer
4 Value Education (III UG) Indian National Education HV & PE Imbibes the human values among the students
5 Articulation and Idea Fixation-(I & II UG) Ramayana and Mahabharata HV & PE Improves the students’ knowledge on our national epics
6 Human Rights and ManMakingMessage of Vivekananda (I & II PG) HV & PE Gives information about fundamental duties, rights of people in the country
7 Productive preparation for CSIR/JRF/NET/SET PE Motivates the students to participate and succeed in competitive examinations
8 Kamban HV & PE Humanitarianism has elements such as humbleness, discipline, love and affection to become a good human being
9 Kappiyangal HV & PE Honours the dignity and social status of the citizens
10 PandaiyaIlakkiyangal HV & PE Educate and streamlines the culture and lifestyle of the people during ancient days
11 Poetry HV & PE Helps to understand the universal truths, to develops empathy and appreciate the beauty of Nature.
12 Prose HV & PE Helps to appreciate literature as an expression of human values on historical and social context.
13 Contemporary Indian Writing in English HV & PE Highlights the voice of the marginalized and focuses on Indian tradition and culture
14 Journalism and Mass Communication HV & PE Inculcates values like courage, vitality, punctuality, objectivity and professionalism in students
15 Media Studies for Specific Writing PE Develops the writing skills of the students.
16 Soft Skills NMSB Concentrates on presentational skills
17 Shakespeare HV The plays provide values that shape human nature. It deals with passions and principles common to humanity. Deciphers human emotions and working of the mind. Students view Shakespeare’s play with psychological point of view, to have a better view of the real world
18 Subaltern Studies HV Helps students to know about the suppressed people and their sufferings. It helps students to understand the problems of discrimination and lead a good life
19 A Glimpse of Nobel Laureates HV Appreciates and clarifies the relationships and human values.
20 Gender Studies G &HV Comprehends the meaning and nature of gender inequalities.
21 Approaches to English Language Teaching PE Teaches the students to develop the ethics of teaching
22 Age of Dryden and Wordsworth HV & PE Students learn to monitor their behaviours by reading stories, poems, plays and criticisms having a moral in them
23 Outlines of Comparative Government -I PE & HE Helps the students to understanding the dynamic nature of modern Governments.
24 Outlines of Comparative Government -II PE & HE Teaches to synthesise the working of Indian Constitution.
25 Hotel Management-I PE & HE Gives information to the students about Hotel Management and to equip the students for a job.
26 Hotel Management –II PE & HE Helps to analyse the Organization of Hierarchy and its administration.
27 Growth of Press in India PE & HE Helps to identify Journalism as an effective field for mass communication and to understand the dynamic nature of Press.
28 Travel Management -I PE & HE Makes the students to know about the Travel Management.
29 Travel Management –II PE & HE Equips them for job opportunity and gives information about the modern Ticketing and Fares system.
30 History of Freedom Movement- I PE & HE Creates awareness on the development of Indian legislations.
31 History of Freedom Movement- II PE & HE Makes the students to know about the contribution of Tamilians in the Freedom Movements.
32 Heritage Tourism of India PE & HE Makes the students to know about the Heritage of India.
33 Tourism development PE & HE Teaches the importance of Tourism and enriches the students to get jobs in Tourism Department.
34 Social and Religious Movement in Modern India PE & HE Teaches to students the reforms introduced by various socio-religious reformers.
35 Indian Administration paper I PE & HE Creates awareness about public institutions since it is necessary as a citizen to know about them.
36 History of the USA from 1920 to 1922 A.D. PE & HE Helps to understand the importance of the policies of the American Presidents.
37 Historiography PE & HV Helps to study the contributions of the ancient, medieval and modern historians.
38 Indian Painting and Arts PE & HE Inculcates an interest in the study of paintings and arts.
39 Indian Administration paper I PE & HE Enables the students to unite any job oriented examination and face interviews.
40 Socio-Economic Problems In India G, HV & PE Deals with gender violence and different problems faced by human.
41 Economics of Information PE Helps to identify the human wants, needs and the role of information markets
42 Applied Banking PE Teaches the banking practices and procedures
43 Introduction To Marketing PE Enhances marketing functions and specialities
44 Principles of Taxation PE Briefs the importance of different types of taxes and revenue to the government
45 Industrial Economics PE Helps to identify the various issues of industries.
46 Monetary Economics-I PE Teaches the demand for and supply of money
47 Monetary Economics-II PE Teaches therole of monetary policy and World Banks
48 Economics of Insurance HV & PE Focuses on Personal life risk, business risk and insurance policies to overcome the risk
49 Vedic Mathematics I PE Helps to gains knowledge about the concepts of simple arithmetic, arithmetical computations and multiplications using Vedic sutras with appropriate examples.
50 Vedic Mathematics II PE Develops the ability to reflect critically on the methods they have chosen to solve.
51 Vedic Mathematics III PE Enables faster calculations and improve the mathematical skills.
52 Vedic Mathematics IV PE Develops the ability to solve simultaneous equations using Vedic sutras with appropriate examples.
53 Industrial Mathematics PE Helps to acquire the knowledge on the concepts of LPP, Transportation problems, Assignment problems and Sequencing problems.
54 Mathematical Modeling PE Helps to gain the knowledge on the concepts of two person zero sum game, critical path and replacement problems.
55 Basic Mathematics PE Introduces the basic concepts of mathematics
56 Mathematics for Competitive Examinations PE Promotes the problem solving ability to write the competitive examinations.
57 Statics PE Helps to learn the forces acting at a point, Friction and Centre of gravity.
58 Dynamics PE, E&S Helps to understand the fundamental concepts and principles of dynamics and gain intuitive insights from physical models.
59 Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations PE Promotes the problem solving ability to write the competitive examinations.
60 Ordinary Differential Equations PE Promotes critical thinking and problem solving abilities in O.D.E.
61 Classical Dynamics PE, E&S Develop flexibility and creativity of the students in applying mathematical ideas and techniques to unfamiliar problems arising in everyday life.
62 Numerical Analysis PE Helps to acquire knowledge about the concept of Numerical solutions of equations.
63 Partial Differential Equations PE Helps to acquire the knowledge of various types of partial differential equations and understand the methods of finding solutions.
64 Business Statistics E & PE Helps to understand the basic data analysis theory.
65 Industrial Statistics S & PE Helps to assess the quality of the product in manufacturing industries.
66 Decision theory and its applications HV & PE Helps to make decisions related to managerial problems
67 Actuarial Statistics E & HV Helps to know about the insurance policies & interest of loan and lead a well planned life.
68 Skill Based: MS EXCEL &SPSS HV & PE Helps to make analysis using softwares and serve the society.
69 Physics of Nanomaterials-I E&S, HV&PV Helps to understand the environment friendly usage of materials
70 C Programming and C++ - II PE & HV Helps to understanding the basic functioning of C language and its applications and apply in life.
71 Fundamentals of Microprocessor - II PE & HV Enables to acquire the basic knowledge of microprocessor and interfacing techniques
72 Digital Electronics and Communication – III PE Creates awareness about the design of electronic circuits and their working in real life.
73 Introductory Bio-Physics HV&PE Helps to know the functions of bio molecules and related systems
74 Physics in Every Day Life - II E&S, HV&PE Helps to study the working principle and mechanisms of the things and phenomena around us.
75 Medical Physics E&S, HV&PE Teaches the physics of Human systems and applications of medical instruments
76 Energy Physics - I E&S,HV&PE Teaches environment friendly usage of materials
77 Plasma Physics -I E&S,HV&PE Helps to understanding optical properties and the applications of plasma
78 Instrumentation -II PE Trouble shooting of different instruments
79 Material Science - III E&S,HV&PE Helps to acquire knowledge of environment friendly usage of materials
80 Instrumentation Methods of Analysis – III PE Helps to gain knowledge about different types of working of instrumental methods of analysis and apply in life.
81 Thin Film physics - V PE Helps to obtain knowledge about different sputtering techniques, film thickness and its control
82 Clinical Biochemistry HV & PE Helps to understand various nutrition, absorption, digestion processes and blood group analysis.
83 Agricultural Chemistry HV & PE Provides knowledge about soil and their reactions, fertility and productivity, fertilizers and pesticides
84 Industrial Chemistry HV & PE Helps to gain knowledge about oils, soaps, detergents, insecticides, paints and varnishes.
85 Dairy Chemistry HV & PE Helps to understand the basic composition, properties and contaminants of dairy products.
86 Food Chemistry HV & PE Informs the students about various sources and types of nutrition
87 Pharmaceutical Chemistry HV & PE Teach concepts related to analgesics, anaesthetics and various diagnostic agents
88 Therapeutical Chemistry HV & PE Elaborates about the natural medicines, common life style diseases and their prevention.
89 The communicable diseases and management HV&PE Prepare the students for a healthy physical and psychological development.
90 Nutritional Biochemistry HV & PE Helps to learn nutrient metabolism in body and identify the role of nutrients in disease pathology
91 Life span Nutrition HV & PE Helps to understand the role of nutrition in promotion of good health at every stage of life cycle
92 Family Resource Management and Interior Design HV & PE Helps to create awareness on human resources and its effective utilization in attaining family goals
93 Human Development HV & PE It deals with issues faced and adjustments required at each stage across the life span
94 Nutrition in Health HV& PE Helps to understand the concept of balanced diet and nutritional requirements for healthy life
95 Diet Therapy HV & PE Helps to develop skills to plan therapeutic diets for all disease condition
96 Family Dynamics HV & PE Teaches the importance of family in the Indian system, role of family members in caring challenged children
97 Graphic Design & Image Editing PE Helps to learnGraphic Design & Image Editing
98 Android Application Development PE This Application is designed for students who are new to programming, and want to learn how to develop Android apps.
99 Photo Editing PE Digital image editing using Adobe Photoshop with specific attention to practical applications, including tools and techniques of photo correction, enhancement and editing.
100 Professional skills Development HV & PE Always being competent and reliable by producing high quality work and meeting deadlines; Seeking input or help from others when needed; Making use of time management and planning skills on a daily basis.
101 Animation PE Animation helps to connect people throughout the world in a way that sometimes writing and live-action films cannot.
102 Desktop publishing PE Teaches an overview of page layout and design, incorporating other facets, such as font, color and the use and placement of images.
103 Web Designing PE Teaches Web designing capability done using HTML and CSS. All Through the curricula students are introduced to planning and designing effective web pages; implementing web pages by writing HTML and CSS code; enhancing web pages with the use of page layout techniques, text formatting, graphics, image
104 Bio informatics G&PE Introduce bio informatics concepts and practice. Topics include: biological databases, sequence alignment, gene and protein structure prediction, molecular phylogenetics, genomics and proteomics.
105 Office Management HV & PE Regulates the issue and consumption of forms and stationery
106 Personal Secretarial Practice - I PE Teaches to convene meetings and Handling Callers
107 Fundamentals of Insurance HV & PE Helps to learn the principles in policy taking and legality in obtaining an agents license
108 Personal Secretarial Practice - II HV & PE Helps in effective and good communication system
109 Commercial Law PE Teaches the validity of Contracts
110 Financial Accounting II PE Teaches the accuracy in preparation and maintenance of partnership accounts
111 Marketing HV & PE Helps to learn concept of Standardization and Grading
112 Investment Management PE Helps to learn prudent investment decisions
113 Accountancy PE Helps to learn preparation of accounts in a procedural manner
114 Company Law PE Helps to learn company formation and working according to companies act
115 Customer Relationship Management HV Helps to identify customer needs ,wants and strategic CRM practices
116 Management Accounting PE Provides efficiency in management decisions
117 Principles of Life Insurance PE Helps to learn essentials of Insurance contract
118 Cost Accounting HV & PE Helps to learn minimization and proper allocation of cost
119 Human Resource Management HV & PE Helps to learn effective utilisation and management of human resource
120 Advanced Banking PE Helps to learn know the functions and operations in a Bank
121 Advanced Corporate Accounting PE Helps to learn adhere to the Companies Act in the preparation of companies act.
122 Marketing Management HV & PE Helps to gain knowledge to know consumer needs and their behaviour
123 Marketing Management E Importance of packages
124 Accounting for Managerial Decision PE Provide adequate and correct information for decision making
125 E - Commerce HV & PE Helps to gain knowledge about cybercrimes and methods to prevent them
126 Business Environment HV Helps to understand the social, cultural and political impact on business
127 Business Environment E Learning environmental influence on business and impact of business on environment
128 Advanced Cost Accounting Learning the optimal utilisation of resources to minimise cost
129 Income Tax Law and Practice HV & PE Helps to understandthe provisions for computing incomes facilitating for proper submission of Income Tax
130 Entrepreneurial Development PE Helps to gain knowledge about opportunities for entrepreneurship thus to encourage entrepreneurship
131 Human Resource Management HV & PE Helps to learn the importance of Human Resource and the principles to manage people
132 Principles and Practice of Insurance HV Insists the importance of savings and measures to protect from the risks of life.
133 Organisational Behaviour HV Inculcates behavioural and communication skills for the efficient working of organisations.
134 Financial Management PE Helps to learn the efficiency in investment decisions and portfolio management