Name of the Project Name of the Principal Investigator Name of the Funding Agency Type (Government/ Non- Governement) Department Year of Award Funds Provided INR (in Lakhs) Duration of Project
A novel ontology ranking framework for semantic web using sementic closeness measure personalization and clustering Dr. R. Uma Rani UGC Government Computer Science Aug-17 1,76,000 2 Years
Torquo selectivity in iron tricarbonyl catalysed electrocyclic ring opening reactions - a density functional insight Dr. L. Akilandeswari UGC Government Chemistry Jun-17 1,60,000 (in Lakhs) 2 Years
Biosynthesis and characterization of gold nanoparticles using medicinal plants G.K.VanathiNachiyar UGC Government Physics Jun-17 1,18,000 2 Years
Voice of the voiceless subalterns with reference to Malala Yeusafzai's "I am Malala" Dr. C. Preetha UGC Government English Jun-17 2,50,000 2 Years
Efficacy of pearl millet iron rich ladoo for anemic adoloscent girls (16-18 years) Mrs. R. Bhuvana Indhumathi UGC Government Home Science Mar-17 2,70,000 2 Years
Ollai Shuvadigalil ulla tamizhian sitralakkiya vagaipaadugalai bhakthi matrum varalaatru vazhi anughudhal - kanini vazhi orunginaithu orunguri vadivil tharavetran seidhal Dr. P Dhanalakshmi UGC UGC Government Tamil Mar-17 1,20,000 2 Years
Cryst/ growth characterization and theoretical investigation on tartaric acid derivatives with reference to NLO applications N. Sudha UGC Government Physics Jan-15 2,60,000 2 Years
Seasonal variation of biochemicals and novel biofunction of fucoidan from selected Padina species (Brown Seaweed) in the south east coast of Tamil Nadu, India Mrs.S.D.K. Shri Devi UGC-SERB Government Botany Jan-15 3,90,000 2 Years
Theoretical insights on confirmations of substitute ED - N6 benzene tricarbonyl chromium Dr. A. Kalpana UGC Government Chemistry Jan-15 2,50,000 2 Years
A Study on ordered fuzzy scalable presemi compact spaces, ordered fuzzy scalable presemi structure spaces and fuzzy scalable presemi frontier spaces via rings Dr. D. Amsavani UGC Government Mathematics Jan-15 2,20,000 2 Years
Generalized derivations in T - near rings Dr. L. Madhuchelvi UGC Government Mathematics Jan-15 2,05,000 (in Lakhs) 2 Years
Contributions to the study on convergence and COMP activation of fuzzy gab matroids Dr. M. Sudha UGC Government Mathematics Year of Award 1,95,000(in Lakhs) 2 Years
Social and cultural heritage of sri kail temple at Taramangalam, Salem District Dr. S. Kalaiselvi UGC Government History Jan-15 1,50,000 2 Years