Policy on Consultancy

             The consultancy service has been regarded as the effective way of disseminating the knowledge and expertise to industry and society. The consultancy service of the college is aimed for the professional development of the staff members and accomplishment of social responsibility of the institution. “Education for service” is our motto. The resourceful staff offered their esteemed consultancy services at free of cost in previous years as we follow the footsteps of our President Swamiji, Swami Chithbhavananda Maharaj.


              To provide the framework regarding the process of consultancy, its administrative requirements and documentation.

  • The policy on consultancy work has to be followed by the faculty members of Sri Sarada College for Women (Autonomous), Salem – 16 on the consultancy projects undertaken by them.
  • Care shall be taken that the overall consultancy program adheres to the principles and ethics of the institution.
Guiding principles from 2019-20 onwards
  • The consultancy work should bring provable benefit to the college through enhanced reputation.
  • The faculty members shall share their expertise with our sister institutions and other organizations.
  • The expertise of the staff members can be expanded through consultancy services both as research and non research consultancy services.
  • A formal agreement is essential to undertake the consultancy work and it should be approved by the Secretary and the Principal.
  • A written permission should be sought from the Secretary and the Principal to undertake the consultancy works.
  • Regarding the access of college resources such as equipments, stationary, computers, internet charges and other administrative help, a prior approval should be sought from the Principal.
  • Publication arising out of consultancy work should include the faculty affiliation of the college and acknowledge for the facilities used from the institution.
Policy for Revenue Sharing in Consultancy
  • Regarding the income generated from the consultancy work, no limit is prescribed.
  • The ratio for sharing of revenue generated from the consultancy project is fixed as 60:40 between the College and the faculty concerned.
  • In case of more than one member undertaking the consultancy project the fixed share of 40 percent shall be shared equally or as agreed by them.
  • The certified statements of accounts should be submitted by the consultant/faculty member.
  • On completion of the consultancy work/project a copy of the report should be submitted to the college.
  • The policy will be reviewed from time to time based on the needs and requirements.

Consultancy Details 2021-22 2019-20
No.of Consultancy Projects 1 1
No.of Client Organizations 1 1
Amount Received 1000 2000