Guidelines for Examination

Guidelines for Examination

      The attainment of Course Outcomes is computed for all the courses based on the performance in CIA and ESE and submitted to the Principal for approval. As soon as the declaration of the results, the Principal makes a detailed discussion in the Staff Council Meeting.

  • Facilities are provided for students to pay examination fee through online.
  • Examination dates are announced early and are followed strictly.
  • 75% attendance is compulsory for every student to appear for the semester exams. Students with attendance between 62.5% and 75% can appear for exams by paying a condonation fee of Rs. 500/-. Students with attendance between 50% and 62.5% can appear for the papers as arrears in the next semester by paying a condonationfee of Rs. 500/- in the immediate next semester following the semester in which there was a lack of 75% attendance. If a student has less than 50% of attendance she has to redo the semester.
  • Students having a minimum of 75% of attendance in the practical classes alone will be eligible to submit the record note books and appear for the semester practical examinations. Students shall be permitted to appear for the practical examinations only with the submission of bonafide records.
  • Students can download hall tickets and view the results in the website

Instructions to Students

  • Students should bring their identity card and hall ticket without fail on all days of examinations. They will not be permitted into the Examination hall without the identity card and the hall ticket.
  • Students can approach the Examination Office for obtaining a temporary identification card and a hall ticket.
  • Students should be inside the Examination Hall by 9.45 a.m for the morning session and by 1.45 p.m for the afternoon session.
  • The students should not stand near the examination halls between 10.00 a.m and 1.00 p.m in the forenoon sessions and 2.00 p.m and 5.00 p.m in the afternoon sessions.
  • Answers should be written legibly in blue or black ink. Do not use green or other colours.
  • Students should copy the time table for the courses correctly so that they do not miss any of the examinations.
  • The room arrangement and the register numbers are put up on the notice board every day.
  • Bags and other things should be left inside the separate room allotted for them.
  • Student should check carefully and leave small bits of paper and printed matter outside the Examination Hall before entering the hall.
  • If any student is found in possession of printed matter or bits of paper or is found copying, she will be debarred from writing the examination (three subsequent semesters).
  • Students should check their register number on the table before they take their seats in the hall.
  • The student should not damage the stickers pasted on the table.
  • After receiving the question paper, the students should verify the course code, course title and number of questions in the question paper. If there is any discrepancy, the students are advised to bring it, to the notice of the Hall Superintendent immediately.

Examination Result

  • Results are declared after 48 hours of the last examination.
Supplementary Examination

  • In order to provide an opportunity to the final year UG and PG students to complete their programmes in the same year itself the supplementary examination is conducted in June every year.

  • Students who have passed all the courses and completed all the components prescribed for the programme within the stipulated study period are only eligible for ranking.
  • Ranking is based on the marks scored in Part-III courses. The students who have passed the Part-III courses in first attempt in the prescribed semesters are only eligible for ranking.
  • Student absenting for any course prescribed in Part-III and getting high marks in the subsequent examinations in that course is not eligible for ranking.
  • Rank certificates are issued to first two rank holders along with the statement of marks.

Question Paper Pattern for Semester Examinations