Fees for M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programmes


                                          I. Fees collected by the college at the college at the time of admission to be remitted to Periyar University

Type of Fees Rs.
Library fees 250
Development of Infrastructural Facilities 500
Registration fees 300
Provisional and Degree Certificate 600
Students Welfare Fund 50
Admission fees 50
Dissertation Evaluation Fee 1500
Total 3250

              II. Fees to be paid to the college at the time of admission

Type of Fees Rs.
Special fees 1000
Tuition fees 2500
Internet / Identity Card / Calendar / Magazine 100
Lab fees for Science Discipline 750
Computer Facilities 300
Total 4650

                            In addition to onetime payment mentioned above, the candidate has to pay subsequent yearly fees prescribed below:

                            I. Fees to be paid to the Periyar University

                            1. Library Fees - Rs. 500/-
                            2. Infrastructure Fees - Rs. 500/-

                            II. Fees to be paid to the college concerned

                            1. Tuition Fees - Rs. 2000/-
                            2. Lab fees for computers - Rs. 500/

                            III. An additional fee of Rs. 6300 to be paid directly to Periyar University at the time of admission.