a. Governing Body

The constitution of this body is according to the structure given below :

Number Category
5 Members Management
2 Members Faculty members of the college
1 Member Educationist or Industrialist
1 Member UGC Nominee
1 Member State government nominee
1 Member University nominee
1 Member Principal of the College.

b. Finance Committee

The finance committee is an advisory body to the Governing Body. Its constitution and functions are given below:

I. Composition

Management Representative of the Educational Agency Principal of the College One senior faculty member

II. Functions

The Finance Committee considers a) budget estimates relating to the grant received /receivable from UGC and income from fees, etc. collected for the activities to undertake the scheme of autonomy and b) audited accounts for the above.

c. Planning and Evaluation Committee

The members of the planning and Evaluation Committee are

  • Directress of the College
  • Secretary of the College
  • Principal of the College
  • Three senior faculty members
  • The committee plans the activities to be carried out for an academic year and evaluates the plans executed in the previous year.

d. Academic Council

The Academic Council is solely responsible for all academic matters such as framing of academic-policy, approval of courses, regulations and syllabi, etc. The council involves faculty at all levels and also experts from outside, including representative of the university.

The composition of the Academic council is given below :

  1. The Principal (Chairperson)
  2. Controller of Examinations
  3. All the heads of departments and second senior members of postgraduate departments.
  4. Four teachers of the college representing different categories of teaching staff.
  5. Not less than four experts from outside the college representing such areas as Industry, Commerce, Law, Education, Medicine, Engineering, etc. nominated by the Governing Body
  6. Three University nominees
  7. A faculty member nominated by the Principal (Member Secretary)

e. Board of Studies

The Board of studies is the basic constituent of the academic system of an autonomous college. Its functions include framing the syllabi for various courses, reviewing and updating syllabi from time to time, introducing new courses of study, determining details of continuous assessment, recommending panels of examiners under the semester system , etc.

The composition of the board of studies is given below:

  1. Head of the department concerned (Chairperson)
  2. Other members of the department
  3. Two experts in the subject from outside the college nominated by the Academic Council
  4. One expert to be nominated by the Vice - Chancellor from a panel of six members recommended by the college Principal.
  5. One post-graduate meritorious alumnus nominated by the Principal