The Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Home Science and Computer Science have spacious laboratories with upto date equipments / instruments necessary to conduct under-graduate and post-graduate practicals. Post-graduate departments of Physics and Chemistry have sophisticated equipments like ultrasonic interferometer, laser unit, polarograph, UV spectro photometer, microwave kit, etc.

The Department of Botany holds a Tissue Culture Laboratory equipped with Laminar Air Flow chamber and a culture rack. The department also has a Binocular microscopes, Trinocular research microscope connected with PC, Dark Field microscope, Projection microscope, Ultrascope, Digital Colorimeter, Vis - Spectrophotometer, Gyratory Shaker, Ultra Centrifuge and Micro Centrifuge.

The departments of Zoology contains well maintained museum with more than 300 specimens. The well maintained and constantly updated laboratories facilities such as various kinds of microscopes, digital colorimeter, camera lucida, Spectro Photometer, Hot Air Oven, Incubator, Microbial Colony Counter, Laminar Flow Chamber, Auto Clave, Rotary Shaker etc.

The Home Science department has separate labs.

  • Food science and Nutrition lab
  • Textile and clothing lab
  • Physiology and Microbiology lab
  • Biochemistry lab

The Computer Science department has two separate labs.

  • UG Laboratory (Room No: 7)
  • PG Laboratory (Room No: 8)