Plan of Action and Outcome

Plan of Action Achievements
To create civic sense on voting right and duty Celebrated National Voters Day and Signature Campaign as well on 25th January 2019.
To augment publications by the staff. Published 5 books and 14 chapters with ISBN number and 32 papers were published in the conference proceedings
To expose the students to take online Hall Tickets for their examinations Students were benefited by taking Online Hall Tickets by themselves
To motivate the students to participate in Skill Development Programmes Department of Commerce organized 5 Days Short Term Skill Development Programme in association with Khadi and Village Industries
To strengthen the departments to organize International Conferences 4 International Conferences and 2 National Conferences were organized by various Departments
To inspire the departments to sign MoUs and Linkages with Industries 21 MoUs were signed by various Departments
To stimulate the students to attend Internship Programme Students from various departments attended Internship Programme which focuses on employability skills.
To make the students learn by experience and to develop entrepreneurial skills and to organize various exhibitions. Department of Zoology organized an exhibition cum sale on wealth from waste silk cocoon handicrafts. Botanical consortium organized Bio jewellery exhibition cum sale .Commerce department organized Commerce expo 18 on Green Earth products
To create general awareness and to prepare and teach self defence mechanism, a symposium was planned It was executed by conducting a general symposium to all the students. Special lectures were given on Legal Awareness, Social Equality, Protection against Crimes, Self Defence through Martial Arts and need for Mental Health was given by the concerned field experts.
To conduct certificate course in Sanskrit Grantha Script training was given to seventy four students.
To organize symposia/workshops for faculty members FDPs on NPTEL, E-content, IPR and yoga were organised.
To organize symposia/workshops for students Workshops on communication skill, soft skill, language proficiency were organized.
To encourage Staff members to develop E-content 51 Staff Members actively took part in E-content Video Recording and E-content records are available in the Library
To conduct students' seminars in all disciplines Twelve UG, seven PG students UGC students' seminars and two self supporting seminars were organised and conducted during the course of the academic year.
To encourage Staff members to attend FDP and Short term courses FDPs on business process management and MHRD Academic leadership training were given.
To arrange guest lecturers of eminent speakers in various subjects. All the Departments invited eminent speakers for their respective disciplines and arranged for Guest Lectures
To conduct remedial classes for slow learners Slow learners were identified and remedial classes were conducted.
To bring out newsletters from all the Departments News letters were published by all the Departments.
To undertake group projects in Environmental studies Group projects and field visits were undertaken for environmental studies and reports were submitted.
To celebrate Alumni day to keep in contact with old students On March 8th 2019, Students' Alumni Day was celebrated, Alumni shared their views and reminisced the time they spent in the College.
To create more opportunities for students employability through placement cell Placement cell supported students in attending on campus and off campus interviews and 126 students were placed in various jobs.
To undertake extension activities to benefit the public by all the departments. Extension activity on ill effects of plastics on the society was undertaken
To promote physical fitness for the students. Students are doing Physical exercise after the morning assembly and I UG Students undertake a certificate course in Yoga after college hours.
To encourage Sports activities, Tournaments and Games Students attend games periods one hour every week. Many students participated in tournaments and athletic events at intercollegiate sports meet
To utilize the library facility to the maximum extent All the students were motivated to utilize library facilities through extended library working hours both in the morning and evening.
To extend financial backup for economically weaker students Economically impaired students received extended assistance in cash and in kind.
To introduce interdisciplinary certificate courses. Inter disciplinary courses are offered at I, III UG and II PG levels.
To motivate the staff members to attend more number of workshops/seminars and also to present and publish research papers at different levels Faculty members attended seminars/workshops, publish articles and present papers whenever they got opportunity.
To maintain surveillance cameras to ensure the safety of the students and the staff. 27 surveillance cameras are functioning in many places in the main block and in the library to deter untoward incident.
To motivate the students to take up community oriented projects and to send the proposal to the concerned departments. Community oriented projects were done and some of the proposals have been sent to the Tamil Nadu State Council by department of Mathematics.
To make use of Barcode Scanner and Printer for easy access of Books in the Library. Barcode Scanner eases the work of librarian and saves time of the students.
To encourage the staff and students to enrol for SWAYAM NPTEL courses for self learning. 30 Staff members and 197 Students successfully completed SWAYAM NPTEL Courses and received merit certificates.
To conduct workshops for the students in Entrepreneur cell to encourage them to become a successful Entrepreneur. Five workshops were conducted for the students to inspire the innovative change makers.
To arrange meetings in consumer right awareness to promote the consumers basic rights, to demand the conservation and respect for these rights. The World Consumer Day was celebrated to bring awareness on consumer activities such as Consumer Rights and Unfair Trade Practices, Human Rights and National Consumer Day Celebration, Consumer Education on Food Standards and Women Rights.
To assist the visually challenged students The Services of volunteers are utilized for the visually impaired in writing the semester examination.
To extend financial support to needy and meritorious students Financial support is being provided to the needy and meritorious students through endowment funds.
Students Counselling Professional psychiatry counselling was offered to all students this year. The students with psychological problems were identified and remedial measures were taken.The first, first day order of every month the students were counselled by their faculty advisors.
To inculcate Fine Arts skills among students Conducted cultural contest for I UG Students in Solo dance, Group Dance and Skit and encouraged them by giving prizes for best three performers.
To celebrate Independence, Republic Days and New India Pledge Day To inculcate patriotism and to promote civic consciousness among the students To inculcate patriotism and civic sense, special Lectures were arranged on patriotic Leaders prior to Independence Day and Republic Day.
To Encourage and motivate the students to participate in Republic/Independence Day parade in New Delhi Two of our students took part in Republic/Independence Day parade in New Delhi
To create an awareness on Yoga practice Yoga day was celebrated on 21st June 2018 to promote health, harmony and Peace.