Institutional Distinctiveness

With a vision to empower women and to prepare them stand in the multidimensional arena of education, the institution imparts education that chisels character and clarifies the faculty of responsibility. The best way to enrich knowledge of the students is to give them the greatest spiritual discipline with the physical, intellectual and emotional quotient.

The values instilled in two epics namely Ramayana and Mahabharata are given in many forms such as regular monthly discourses by the experienced staff, who have extensive expertise in both the epics and through Swamijis’ speeches from Sri Ramakrishna Mutt. Lectures, discourses, debates and discussions are effective methods of educating the students. With the intention to inculcate the moral and spiritual values and to safeguard the young minds from the prevailing cultural pollution, the evergreen values of Ramayana and Mahabharata are taught to the students. These two epics are Indian in origin but have a universal appeal to humanity. The epics have their Man-making character molding message. The epics advocate the power of Dharma, the ultimate lesson for life and the one who realizes the truth proves to be really educated. It makes one to realize that the evil seems to thrive and prosper at the beginning. The good suffers any number of set-backs, trials, tribulations and humiliations but triumphs in the end. Ramayana and Mahabharata are taken up in alternate years.

Secondly the students take it up in their AIF Classes every week in the 4th day order, through group discussions, which is continuously monitored by the staff. Both as literature and as store houses of the national culture the epics occupy a unique position in education and culture. Each and every student articulates the ideologies of the epics in English to the students in their group. The group leader assess their presentation skills and scores are given to motivate and encourage the students excel in their skills. This activity is monitored by the class teachers. In order to make the students fully imbued with ennobling ideas pertaining to the National heroes and characters Computer based tests are conducted so that they will retain the knowledge lifelong.

During Annual Day celebrations, the histrionic talents of our students are displayed through dramas and the depiction of the famous characters are observed and appreciated by all the stakeholders. It is intended to inculcate culture, to promote high thinking and to expand the outlook of life on healthy lines. This intellectual habit is viewed as indispensable in the day-to-day routine and we feel very proud for our founder Swamiji Chidbhavananda who has contributed more number of scripts and books to the student community and persuaded the students to take part in the drama. According to the talents exhibited by a student, prize in cash is awarded on the Founders’ Day Celebration of our institution. The drama staged by the students will have an indirect influence against the evil traits in delinquents. The lessons conveyed through the drama are bound to have a psychological effect on the students to be reformed.

Besides Ramayana and Mahabharata, the spiritual values of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda, based on the intrinsic purity exhibited by one’s code of conduct is portrayed to the students through drama, daily thoughts for the day in the morning assembly, display boards carrying quotes of the trinities in various places of the campus, etc. Life history of Sri Sarada Devi, who is reverentially addressed as Holy Mother, is depicted and displayed through models in Sri Sarada Jayanthi function celebrated every year by this holy institution. This ritual is celebrated as the sign of reverence and honour as a role model of sacred women in the society.

Our institution has the credit of introducing a unique grade shade giving importance to all aspects of learning outcomes like academic, spiritual, moral and social. Extra credits are given to our students for extra skills like Articulation and Idea Fixation, life skill promotion and physical fitness. Thus we not only concentrate on the all-round development of our students but also give them scores in the grade sheet to ascertain their performance.

Furthermore, to infuse and ingrain good traits among the womenfolk counseling classes are conducted on every first 1st day order of all months. Exclusive moral instruction books have been prepared by our former professors and distributed to the students and they are asked to read those prescribed books and follow the good traits in their day-to-day life. Teachers also guide the students through proper counseling. Swami Vivekananda’s ideal of ‘Service to mankind is service to God’ is accurately practiced in this institution, through its extension activities. A famous saying conveys that if one woman is educated, the whole village is educated. That significant quality is whole heartedly and flawlessly preached to all our students, in every aspect. Accordingly, to inspire and to foster womanhood, the Daily Divine Digest is given on lighting ceremony day to disseminate all these good thoughts to the society. Our institution aims at the harmonious development of the Hand, Heart, and Head.