Differently Abled Support Cell

The Differently Abled Support Cell always aims at helping the differently abled students of the college by providing the necessary aids to them. At present we have four beneficiaries of this Support Cell. Three of them are visually challenged and one of them is physically challenged. Scribes are arranged for these students to write their exams – right from their Internals to the Semester Examinations. We get help from SCRIBE SANJAY – the project that helps the visually challenged students which is coordinated by Mrs. Ann. Uma Valliappan. As soon as the exam dates are finalised, we contact Mrs. Uma, who arranges for the scribes on the scheduled dates. The differently abled students voice out their answers and the Scribes write them on the answer sheets.


Braille Learning Materials


Ramp in the Commerce Block and Language Lab


Ms.M.R.RajaRajeswaree Assisting S.Durgadevi    Ms.KiruthikaHarsayan Assisting V.Kalyani