Add on Courses

The objective of the course is to introduce career and market-oriented, skill enhancing that have utility for job, self-employment and empowerment to the girl students. Candidates pursuing under graduate students other than computer science are eligible to take up the add-on courses simultaneously with their regular course of study. These courses are a vital part of their academic arena and acquaint students with valuable skills and immense knowledge in their career pursuits. These additional courses are of three levels-the first level is of a certificate course;the second level is of a diploma course and the third level is of an advanced diploma course.At the end of first year the students are awarded a certificate in career oriented programme in information technology and at the end of second year with a diploma in career oriented programme in information technology and on the successful completion of the course they are yielded with an advanced diploma in the add-on orientation course along with their conventional degree in science/arts/commerce.

The students who are interested to join add-on courses are asked to register first and a nominal fee is collected from them at the college office.The add-on course classes do not disrupt the students academic schedule and are comfortably held before and after their class hours.They will have to take up two papers and a practical paper in the certificate level during first year

  • Paper I : Introduction to Information Technology
  • Paper II : Office Packages
  • Practical :Office Packages
At the diploma level in the second year the students undertake two papers a practical paper and a project work also.
  • Paper I : ‘C’ Programming Language
  • Paper II : C++ Programming
  • Practical : C
  • Project & Viva Voce in ‘C’
In the advanced diploma level at the third year the students take up two papers, a practical paper and a project work also.
  • Paper I : Visual Basic
  • Paper II : Oracle
  • Practical : VB Programming
  • Project & Viva Voce in ‘VB with Access’
With the effective and round-the-clock training of our accomplished professors these courses empower our students with multiple skills that make them a valuable asset to the competitive globe that awaits them outside their college.