Psychological Counseling Videos by Dr. C. Preetha Assistant Professor of English

S.No. Title Link
1 Self Confidence-The first Step to Success View
2 Fight out Depression View
3 Ivvalavu Than Valkai View
4 Happiness View
5 Friendship View
6 Personality Development View
7 Positive Parenting View
8 Yaadumaagi Ninraal Pen View
9 Hurdles Lead to Herculean Victory View
10 Power of Forgiveness View
11 Emotional Intelligence View
12 Self-Awareness View
13 Self Regulation View
14 Motivation View
15 Empathy View
16 Social Skills View
17 Changing Challenges of Interpersonal Relationships during Corona Lockdown View
18 Aaganggarama, anugumuraiya? Mudivu un Kaiyil View
19 Count your Blessings View
20 Grumbling to Gratitude View
21 Morals and Ethics View
22 Fuel your Passion View
23 Tolerance View
24 Kanavugal Aaiyeram View
25 Do not Read This View
26 Punctuality is a Virtue View
27 The Healing Power of Generosity View