Class Date Place Purpose
I M.A., Tamil 21.02.2015 Chinna pudur

 Awareness on cleanliness and hygiene

II M.A.,Tamil 06.02.2016 Chinnapudur

Awareness on Dengue

II M.A.,Tamil 11.02.2017 Old bus stand, Salem

Anti spitting campaign

I&II M.A.,Tamil 03.02.2018 Ammapettai, Salem

Awareness on air and water pollution

II M.A.,Tamil 26.01.2019 Majarakollapatty

Plastic awareness


Class Date Place Purpose
I B.A., English 13.09.2014 & 20.09.2014 Thalavaipatti

To create awareness on education,health and hygiene

I B.A., English 12.09.2015&19.09.2015 Vellalapatty

Awareness on education,health and hygiene

I B.A., English 03.09.2016& 10.09.2016 Thalavaipatti, Majrakollapatty

Awareness on constructing toilets

I B.A., English 16.09.2017 Mittapudur & Rajaji road

Awareness on Dengue

I B.A., English 15.08.2018&08.09.2018 Vattamuthampatty

Awareness onBeat Plastic pollution

II M.A.,English 28.02.2015 Vinayakapatty

Awareness on education

II M.A.,English 06.02.2016 Kakapalayam

Awareness on welfare schemes offered by govt.and NGOs for women labourers of spinning mills

II M.A.,English 11.02.2017 New bus stand, Salem

Awareness on ill effects

II M.A.,English 03.02.2018 Neikarapatty

Awareness on health issues caused by waste water

II M.A.,English 26.01.2019 Sarkar kollapatty

Awareness on substitutes for plastics