Class Date Place Purpose
I B.Sc., Physics 13.09.2014 & 25.09.2014 Andipatti

 Free toilet scheme

I B.Sc., Physics 08.08.2017 Chinnapudur, Sreerangapalayam

Dengue awareness

I B.Sc., Physics 15.08.2018&08.09.2018 Vattamuthampatty

Electrical energy conservation

II M.Sc., Physics 26.09.2015 Ramakrishna Math,Salem

Campus cleaning

II M.Sc., Physics 11.02.2017 Chinnapudur

Anti spitting campaign

II M.Sc., Physics 03.02.2018 Karungalpatty

Health hazards


Class Date Place Purpose
I B.Sc.,Chemistry 13.09.2014 & 20.09.2014 Perumal Malai Adivaram

Awareness on plastics and its hazards and tree plantation

I B.Sc.,Chemistry 19.09.2015&26.09.2015 Attikaranur&Alagu samudram Village

Anti spitting campaign 

I B.Sc.,Chemistry 15.08.2018&08.09.2018 Vattamuthampatty

Awareness on the hazards of chemicals  in Agriculture

I M.Sc.,Chemistry 21.02.2015 Poolavan village

Awareness on Health & Environment

II M.Sc.,Chemistry 03.02.2018 Erumapalayam

Awareness on the impact of dyeing unit in local Villages