Class Date Place Purpose
I B.A.History 20.09.2014&27.09.2014 Kondapanaikenpatty

 Health and Hygiene, Conservation of Environment, Problems of Pollution 

I B.A.History 19.09.2015&26.09.2015 Kondapanaikenpatty, Salem

Dengue fever,health and hygiene

I B.A.History 03.09.2016& 10.09.2016 Kombampatty

Open defecation

I B.A.History 07.08.2017&08.08.2017 Periya Pudhur & Kallankatur

Dengue fever

I B.A.History 15.08.2018&08.09.2018 Vattamuthampatty

Vattamuthampatty Grama Panchayat-A study

II M.A.,History 21.02.2015 Gorimedu

Awareness on dengue fever

II M.A.,History 06.02.2016 Kondapanaikenpatty, Salem

Plastic pollution

II M.A.,History 11.02.2017 Old bus stand, Salem

Ill effects of spitting in public places

II M.A.,History 03.02.2018 Sivadapuram, Salem

Awareness on pollution caused by Sago Industry

II M.A.,History 26.01.2019 Majarakollapatty

To do away with plastics


Class Date Place Purpose
I B.A., Economics 13.09.2014 & 20.09.2014 Kombaipatty Village, Salem

Awareness on sanitation and health education

I B.A., Economics 19.09.2015&26.09.2015 K.R.Thoppur Village, Salem

Awareness on Dengue fever and its prevention

I B.A., Economics 03.09.2016& 10.09.2016 Chinna Nadupatty Village, Omalur Taluk

Awareness on sanitation and public health

I B.A., Economics 08.08.2017&09.08.2017 Chinna pudur

Imparting Dengue Awareness Among Chinnapudur Area of Salem District

I B.A., Economics 15.08.2018&08.09.2018 Sarkar kollapatty

Awareness on child abuse

II M.A.,Economics 21.02.2015 Kuruvampatty

Awareness on forest and biodiversity conservation

II M.A.,Economics 06.02.2016 Kondapanaikenpatty, Salem

Awareness on Dengue fever

II M.A.,Economics 11.02.2017 Periya pudur, Alagapuram, Salem

Anti spitting campaign

II M.A.,Economics 03.02.2018 Ponnammapet, Salem

An Environmental Awareness on Textile Dyeing Industrial Pollution at Ponnammapet, Salem District

II M.A.,Economics 26.01.2019 S. Kollapattty, Salem

Ill Effects of Plastic usage and its disposal in Salem District