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a. Prayer

    The College starts the day's activities by invoking the blessings of the Almighty in the mass prayer with the melodious bhajan songs sung by the college choir.  It is followed by chanting of ‘Gayathri mantra', meditation, reading of a good thought for the day and concluded with the college song.  The whole atmosphere of the college auditorium is replete with divine peace and spiritual tranquillity even as the prayer songs are sung in unison.  Students are given a booklet of these prayer songs to participate better.

b. Physical Exercise

    Next follows physical exercise for the students, a regular feature every morning to develop a sound body that activates a sound mind.

c. Teaching

     A dedicated band of teaching staff take immense interest in supplementing the lecture method of teaching with other learner –centered teaching methods like quiz programmes, oral question-answer session, OHP, video cassettes, field trips and industrial visits.  The autonomous status enables the various faculties to restructure their syllabi to reflect the current trends and local needs through Boards of Studies.
     The proportion of teachers to students is approximately 1 : 20 .

d. Seminar

     Seminars are conducted by all the departments to help the students in the art of presentation of papers, communication skills and interaction.  The seminar volumes serve as excellent work / study materials.

e. Value Education

     The unique contribution to the student community is the value education class for one hour a week.  These classes aim at improving one's ‘Articulation and Idea Fixation' (AIF) to enhance their interaction skills.  Thought provoking books like Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Man Making Message of Vivekananda and Value Education are prescribed for discussion by the students to improve their articulation.

f. Counselling Classes

     Proper counselling and moral instruction in the adolescent age alone can help to take the youngsters in the righteous path and prevent many going astray.  Counselling classes are conducted in the first week of every month.  A work book of ‘Moral instruction' has been prepared to help the students imbibe values in their relationship with parents , teachers, friends, society, etc.

g. Educational Tours

     Opportunities are given to students to enhance their knowledge through educational tours.

h. Examination

     Under the autonomous system, students enjoy the benefit of continuous assessment (CA).  Three internal tests and an end semester examination are conducted in each semester.  These periodical tests enable the students to take the examination then and there and be thorough with the lessons taught.  This gives them more confidence to write the final examination.  Semester Examinations are held twice in a year ,viz., in November and April / May. (20 marks for CA and 80 marks for external examination). The examination procedures are streamlined and the results of both the semester examinations are compiled within three days after the completion of the valuation camp.

i. Results

     The results are published immediately in the first week of December and in the third week of May.

j. Sports

     ‘A sound body contains sound mind '.
    Physical education contributes significantly to the development of one's personality and ability to function efficiently in society.  The students are encouraged to participate in the District, State, National and University tournaments.  Every morning after prayer, all the students assemble for a Mass Drill to keep them physically alert for the day's work. Students have games in the evening from 4 P.M. to 5 P.M.
     Many of the players and athletes have added to the glory of the college by participating in many tournaments and other sports events They are given special coaching , encouragement and motivation to participate in district, state, university, inter-collegiate, inter-divisional, national sports and tournaments.

k. N.C.C.

     N.C.C. cadets participate in adventure activities to bring out their leadership qualities and also inculcate determination, will–power and dedication.  Cadets who take initiative and display greater courage are selected for the basic and advanced leadership camps.

l. N.S.S.

     There are 3 NSS units with 100 students in each unit .NSS volunteers take a vital role in Eye Camp, Blood Grouping Camp, Cancer Awareness Programme and other rural upliftment programmes.  The College has adopted the Thalavaipatty village for community extension activities for three years.

m. Social Service League,Youth Red Cross and Red Ribbon Club

     Social Service League, Youth Red Cross and Red Ribbon Club are very active in conducting awareness programmes for rain water conservation, female infanticide prevention, AIDS awareness and other extension activities.

n.Important Functions

Annual Day

     College Day is celebrated every year, presided over by the College President Swamiji. A special lecture is delivered by the Chief Guest. The rank holders are awarded cups and certificates of merit. Cash prizes are given to financially deserving and meritorious students from the interest accrued from the various Endowment funds. Finally, the variety entertainment programme is a part of the celebrations.

Sports Day

     Annual Sports Day is celebrated in a grand manner. A Chief Guest is invited for the Sports Day. All students take part in Mass Drill, March Past and other Sports events. Prizes are distributed to the winners.

Independence Day and Republic Day

       Flag hoisting,patriotic songs and speeches on national integration are the important events.

Sakthi Pooja

     Sakthi Pooja is celebrated during Navarathiri. Students express their artistic talents through ‘Kolu' and ‘Rangoli'. There is a discourse by President Swamiji on 'Lalitha Sahasranama' followed by the chanting of nama by all the students.

Sri Sarada Jayanthi

     Sri Sarada Jayanthi is celebrated on the birthday of the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi. Tableaus depicting the important events in her life are displayed on the stage of the auditorium. Holy Mother's prasadam (lunch ) is given to all in the afternoon. A continuous chanting of Sakthi nama (Akanda Nama Bhajan) is done on that day from 6 A.M to 6 P.M. by students in groups allotted for every half an hour.

Founder's Memorial Day

     The highlights of the Founders' Memorial Day are the special lectures and ‘Sangeethanjali' - a carnatic music programme by our students. Cash prizes are awarded from the Endowment Funds to the needy and meritorious students.

Lighting Ceremony

     Lighting ceremony for the outgoing students is an annual feature. This includes
  1. Thought provoking lectures by eminent scholars
  2. Chanting of slokas from Upanishads
  3. Presentation of a lamp, a book ‘Daily Digest' and the Personality Assessment Record to each student.

Alumni day

       The alumni of the college meet every year on 8th March, the International Women's day. The distinguished alumni of this college are felicitated on this occasion. There is an extensive interaction between the present students and alumni sharing their experiences.

Life   membership    fees : Rs.150/-
Annual membership fees : Rs. 30/-

        Sarvodaya Day, International Women's Day and the College Union Day are celebrated in a splendid manner.


  1. Bridge Course for I U.G. students , coaching classes and remedial courses in English are conducted by the Department of English.
  2. To tap the latent potentialities of the students, oratorical, essay writing, poem composing and quiz competitions and debates are conducted periodically by various Associations. Cultural competition is conducted for the freshers to unravel their histrionic talents.
  3. Students are provided with extra facilities to learn self-defensive arts like silambam, taek-won-do, etc.
  4. The various Associations / Faculties arrange guest lectures by eminent subject experts regularly.
  5. Students are motivated to improve their learning skills and widen their knowledge by awarding certificates and prizes to toppers in individual papers of all disciplines at U.G and P.G levels in each semester.
  6. The college has an audio-visual centre.
  7. Personality Assessment Records are maintained by students' counsellors to evaluate the multi-faceted personality of students. They are distributed to the students at the end of their course.
  8. Students are encouraged to participate in cultural activities on several occasions like Teacher's day, Alumni day, Founders Memorial Day, Sports Day and College Day.
  9. The college magazine ‘Sarada Amrit' encourages the students in creative writing.
  10. There is an Employment Cell to arrange for campus interviews and forwarding applications of students to prospective employers. It also motivates the students to seek self-employment.
  11. Remedial teaching and coaching are given to enhance the performance level of  the learners. In 2009-2010, UGC sanctioned a Grant of Rs. 80,000 for remedial Coaching and Rs. 75,000 for SET/NET/CSIR Coaching.  Remedial Coaching was given on an average of 60 hours for the undergraduate learners during out of hours.  SET/NET/CSIR Coaching was also given to the Postgraduate and M. Phil learners on an average of 60 hours.
  12. Research cell - Under the able guidance of the Management and the Principal, a Research Committee has been constituted, which gives guidance in the preparation of research proposals to obtain financial assistance from funding agencies like ICSSR, UGC, TNSCST and so on.

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